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This program is a combination of 6 online modules for self-study and 6 webinar classes with the instructor

Emotional Intelligence Certified Professional is a globally  recognized Emotional Intelligence Certification Course.

The EICP® is designed for participants to experience the core competencies of Emotional Intelligence, using the Six Seconds Model as a lead model and cascading into other potent available models. At the end of the program, they are expected to walk away with an in-depth understanding of Emotional intelligence.

Your holistic performance would be empowered as you develop your own Emotional Intelligence which would improve your results in task and people based performance. While we would expose you to several tools, the most important tool is YOU.

Vision: The Vision of EICP® is to produce leaders who would use the potency of Emotional Intelligence to make their world and the world around them a better place.

In this course you will…

  • Empower your own emotional intelligence.
  • Understand the powerful “Know Yourself, Choose Yourself, Give Yourself” model and approach to increasing and applying EQ in addition to other globally accepted models.
  • Imbibe techniques to increase your holistic performance (personal, team and organizational)
  • Review the latest research on the brain, emotions and performance.
  • Take home dozens of proven EQ exercises and learning tools that you can use yourself, in your teams, with family and friends, and in your work with individuals and small groups.
  • Experience the Pause Factory learning methodology

At Pause Factory, we believe that the first step to becoming an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner is to begin with yourself as an Emotional Intelligence Professional because you cannot perform beyond installed capacity and more importantly you cannot give the capacity you don’t sustain; hence “Emotional Intelligence Certified Professional”.

Register for this program if:

  • You know you can achieve more in work/life but you find it difficult to do what is required of you
  • Your work, results and achievements are being undermined by your aggressive communication style, anger issues and other forms of emotional weaknesses.
  • You are kind hearted and find it difficult to stand your ground and say no when it is required resulting in poor performance and results
  • You are considered an achiever but find it difficult to relate with certain types of people in your work/life and this is affecting some important aspect of your life and results at work
  • You are highly driven but cannot really resist expressing some emotions that are toxic for workplace and relationships
  • You have identified a consistent pattern of unpleasant emotions that are affecting your results, relationships and health
  • You need to empower your ability to choose the life style that is healthy for your well being
  • You work or live in a toxic environment and require strength to overcome the negativity in that environment

This program is a combination of  6 online modules and 6 webinars. After registration, you and your instructor will schedule mutually convenient webinars days and time.

At the end of this program you will become

  • An  Emotional intelligence Certified Professional
  • Get a globally recognized certificate
  • Get your EICP Badge and emblem to use in your documents and
  • More importantly join a beautiful community of EICPs.

To take this course, click “take this course” at the top of the page.


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